New to RGT?

San Francisco church community says Welcome!

Maybe you are returning to church, or this is your first peek into it, RGT Church would like to help you take your next step in faith. Anytime we try something for the first time, it’s normal for us to be a little anxious; we don’t like the unknown territory. In order to calm any nervousness, here is a little of what you can expect on your first visit to San Francisco Christian church:

Please do not leave valuables in the car, we have security and cameras but car break-ins are common in SF, and thieves are getting smarter and quicker.

You May Be Wondering…
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What kind of people will be there?

On a typical Sunday morning you’ll see people ranging in age from children to our beloved Senior Citizens. You’ll find business men in ties sitting next to teens in jeans. Our congregation looks a lot like our Bay Area neighborhoods – extended families, young families, and singles. A chunk of us are from a Slavik background, as many of us emigrated from Eastern Europe. Interested in our RGT church story? …Really, you’ll find people old, young, and somewhere in between from every race and culture.

What Can I Expect?

  • Casual atmosphere
  • Teaching from our pastors
  • Choirs from mens to youth to adult
  • Weekend services that last for one and a half to two hours
  • Thought-provoking messages based on the Bible
  • Talents expressed through musical instruments, songs, poems, and drama performances
  • Live worship music from piano to drums to accordion!
  • Relevant teaching for your kids and teens
  • Opportunities to help others

How do I get there?

For map and directions Click RGT Church Directions

When do you meet?

Sunday: Morning Celebration Service at 11:00 AM*. Includes Kids Church.
Sunday: Evening Celebration Service at 6pm*
*English and Russian translation, no headphones needed.

Where do you prefer I find parking near RGT church?

Observe the new signs on San Bruno Avenue. Please park your car at 90 Degree where signs permit.
Preferred parking is available on 17th Street, Utah Street, and San Bruno Ave. This parking is patrolled with our volunteer security staff. However, please hide in the trunk of the car, or take with you any precious items. See preferred parking map below:
Russian Christian Church SF parking

Where is the Auditorium?

When you enter the church through the main entrance on 17th street, proceed upstairs, the Auditorium is located through the double doors on your left.

What do you have for my kids?

Raising a generation of people who are joy-filled, equipped and empowered means leading our kids to have a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. We’re here to partner with you in that. We have classes for children elementary school age through the high school and college age before service on 3rd floor at 10 am on Sundays. During our morning celebration services additional classes for kids first through 8th grade are available, in service announcements announce the location of these classes.

What about my teens?

Friday: Evening 8:30pm Youth service for teens through college age*
*English and Russian translation, no headphones needed.

What do you believe?

Ultimately, all our hope is placed in Jesus and in the good news of how He saves and changes people. Here is a detailed statement of RGT beliefs.

What about your church staff?

From the Pastors to the Ushers, we’re just normal people who want to love God and love you.

What do I do after I visit?

You may connect with a local small group to pray, study the Bible, and build relationships. You can grow as leader in a mentoring relationship. You may also serve.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our community of faith!